Private Consultations

Joshua has worked with my son and with me, from the time he was in preschool until his present, 3rd-grade status. Joshua puts a child and parent at ease. She listens with elephantine ears and offers up years’ worth of observing, teaching, rearing and reflecting upon all that hers and other children are able and not able to do. If there is anything that puzzles or interests you about your child–Joshua should be your first and only stop. What you will learn and see and practice, will serve a lifetime! Thank you, Joshua, for all the help you have given, and continue to give, to my family! You have been one of the few who has been absolutely open and honest with me; always ready with humor, to add levity and insight to problem solve the headiest and most difficult situations. You have been there for us, in all of our times, of need. You are simply the best! Becca S., Parent

Let the shifting begin!

When a behavior consistently derails everyday experiences, transitions, and joys it’s time to reach out for support. Allow me to help you turn things around.