Joshua is the most knowledgeable person we have met when it comes to parenting, coaching, child development, family dynamics etc. She has a clear and concise way help you meet your goals whether that is to have your child experience less tantrums or simply to help you figure out your own true parenting style…she is an asset in any home with any family experiencing repetitive challenges raising kids.  And let’s be real, we all experience challenges.  When you met her you will wish you reached out a year or two prior. She is amazing and effective at what she does.  Magali B., Parent

Hello, I am Joshua!

I am excited to help you traverse your current challenge. Whether it is a time of happiness or sadness, frustration or inspiration, determination or fear, I can help you. My experience as a teacher, director, consultant, parent, and all-around optimist will help you uncover the many possibilities that have yet to be uncovered.

In other words, I am the person that you are hoping to meet when things go amiss. I am the person who will see your child as a whole. The person who will help you promote change and growth in areas that are of concern without feeling like a horrible parent during the process. Parents, I will preserve the uniqueness of your family and above all, I will seek to improve your child’s adjustment into the world without making her feel less than.
I am the person who will help put words to your feelings, translate what your child is trying to express and empower you to make choices that will create a positive shift. When you are tired, lost or overwhelmed, I will provide the calm, clarity and optimism to make forward progress attainable.
My philosophical foundation is eclectic. Attachment parenting, RIE, Mindfulness, as well as traditional parenting, create a foundation which promotes deep and authentic connection to your child. I strive to connect, not only the child to the parent, but more importantly to connect the parent to her/himself.
My ultimate goal is not to create parenting perfection, instead to create a true connection between each member of the family.

The formal details…

Joshua Castillo attended Pacific Oaks College and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development with a minor in Social Change. A student of the Early Childhood Field for over 20 years, Joshua has sought to provide information and support to families, which will enhance their journey through life. Joshua taught at Evergreen Community School and trained new staff for eleven years. She also was the director and teacher of Hill & Dale Infant/Toddler Family Learning Center.
She has a passion for learning with children with special rights, as well as a wide range of age groups. Joshua firmly believes that formal education merely enhances the foundation created by family. Her most recent projects range from creating and launching a Parent-Infant Program at Branches Atelier, supporting the evolution of a Spanish Immersion Preschool in North Hills and Facilitating her own Parent-Child Program. Her private consultancy work ranges from training teachers to adjust and elevate their teaching practices, one on one consults with families ranging from typical life challenges to creating strategies for specific physical or medical diagnosis and workshops, staff development and Parent Education


I have been fielding some questions one on one and would love the opportunity to answer the most commonly asked questions for all of you, in case our paths have not crossed yet.

Are you dad-friendly?
Of course! I don’t mean that in a progressive, “I’m secretly trying to convert your husband to the opposite end of the spectrum” sort of way. I believe men provide invaluable gifts to their children through their own speech patterns, rhythms, and perspective. I find the role of Dad’s get undermined a bit by current practices. My goal is to elevate the intention and the approach while allowing fathers and mothers more clarity in day to day practices.

Have you worked with difficult/cranky/annoying/challenging children?
I am fiercely passionate about my work with children and families. I haven’t met a kid who has shocked me or stumped me. However you describe your child at their worst, I will most likely use the term “Spicy” and leave you with a wealth of strategies to “out spicy” your jalapeño!

Can you help me with a child who has a diagnosis, quirks or unusual habits?
While I cannot provide a diagnosis I can help develop parenting techniques to alleviate particular behaviors. If necessary I will help you seek greater support and provide strategic planning with the whole family in mind should specific therapies, testing or accommodations be needed.

Will I be a good match for your family and school?
Absolutely, I was a classroom teacher for many years as well as Mentor Teacher with many years of teacher training experience. I have worked in LAUSD to Progressive settings. I am well versed in RIE, Reggio, Constructivism as well as Common Core. I can help you understand, implement or create strategies which enhance your child’s school experience.

What is your range of experience?
My work experience includes collaborations with family makeups which include biological children, families by adoption, same-sex parents and blended families. I am keenly aware of twin dynamics and the nuances at play. Quirky children, highly gifted, twice exceptional, ADD, ADHD, and Nemaline Myopathy are just a few challenges and adventures I have had the honor of coaching.

Please don’t hesitate to call. I am here to guide families with challenges big or small.

Let’s collaborate!