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Hello!  My name is Joshua Castillo and I am an Elite Parenting Coach & Early Childhood Consultant.

I help families find joy while navigating challenging behaviors in early childhood.

Joshua’s philosophical foundation is  eclectic. Attachment parenting, RIE, Mindfulness, as well as traditional parenting, create a foundation which promotes deep and authentic connection to your child. She strive to connect, not only the child to the parent, but more importantly to connect the parent to themself. Her ultimate goal is not to create parenting perfection, instead to create a true connection between each member of the family.

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Joshua is an Elite Parenting Coach & Childhood Consultant that has a passion for working with children of all abilities from toddlers to nine years of age.  She firmly believes formal education merely enhances the foundation created by the family. When challenging behaviors sabotage a child’s joy in the world Joshua provides tailored strategies to support both the family and the child.

Range of Joshua’s work:

Featured in the New York Times:  “I am Darker than my Daughter. Here Is Why It Matters” & “My Kids are Allergic to Video Chat.

Looking for help establishing rituals and celebrations which resonate with your family? Look up Joshua’s book: Surviving Children’s Birthday Parties.

Joshua has created and launched a Parent-Infant Program at Branches Atelier, supporting the evolution of a Spanish Immersion Preschool in North Hills, The Language Grove Community School, and facilitates her own Parenting Groups. 

Current coaching and consulting include:

School Trainings and Seminars

School District Consulting

Parenting Workshops

Family Consultations

Keynote Speaking

Joshua’s experience as a teacher, director, consultant, parent, and all-around optimist will help parents uncover the many possibilities that have yet to be uncovered. Let this Elite Parenting Coach & Childhood Consultant help you!

I've known Joshua for 7 years, since my oldest daughter was just a babe. She met me where I was as a new parent - someone who had lots of questions, doubts and not sure about how to handle this major life transition. Being in that "circle" with Joshua was the breath of fresh air that I desperately needed. She helped me feel validated, secure and cared for. The sage wisdom she shared with me week after week truly changed me - as a parent and as a person. Looking back to that time and the road that she and I have shared, I feel so grateful. I've had 2 other daughters since then and she has come alongside me every step of the way. Whether it be navigating new siblings arrivals, angst ridden preschool transitions or just plain old life "stuff" Joshua takes a holistic approach that makes the parenting journey feel supported and grounded. Whenever I run into a bump in the road, I call her. I could not recommend Joshua more!
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