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Need a little Joshua on your shoulder?⁠

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you!⁠

The Ask the Child Whisperer Podcast is here.⁠

It is short, sweet, and full of mind-bending inspiration.⁠

Listen to stories with strategy embedded within. Hear my answers to questions emailed to me. Discover how I read situations and encourage a shift in responses from adults and children.⁠

As always the concepts will be relatable and digestible. I am eager to support your evolution as a parent and champion your child’s journey in this adventure called life.⁠

I have 6 juicy episodes free and ready to binge on. ⁠

A new episode will be available each Monday 

My passion will fuel your batteries and ignite a new connection with yourself as well as your child.⁠

All personalities and skills will be served.⁠

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About Joshua: Media Bio

With 20+ plus years working with children as in various roles Preschool Director, teacher, and now Parenting Coach and Early Childhood Consultant for schools, Joshua’s mission is to help families of typical and neurodiverse children navigate everyday challenges big and small with unique strategies for real-life situations. A consummate realist she is not afraid to discuss taboo topics that are part of the parenting experience with a fresh perspective and ease.

When she is not working with families or schools Joshua can be found shopping for plants or having adventures with her two daughters.

If you are interested in collaboration with Joshua please email info@askthechildwhisperer.com

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General Topics

  • How to get your child to listen
  • Taboo Parenting Topics
  • The inner workings of a Picky Eaters
  • Figuring out your own Parenting Style

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