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I LOVE my job. It is my PASSION and my PRIVILEGE to help families navigate early childhood challenges.⁠
Are you ready for a consultations? If you need help coupled with enthusiasm, we should talk!⁠


Explore the possibilities of a collaboration with your family. Click the button below to get an idea of what it’s like to work with me.

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Private Consultations

When a behavior consistently derails everyday experiences, transitions, and joys it’s time to reach out for support. Allow me to help you and turn things around through a consultations.


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Parenting Classes

Each parenting class is a casual meeting where we mine various parenting styles for their treasures. Find your voice, hone in on your style, and create a deeper connection between you and your child.

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One of my courses can help guide you in a family milestone you are currently facing. Whether it be potty training or speaking about racism with your children. 

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School Support

Each school has its’ own rhythms, structures, philosophies, and practices. We collaborate to elevate your systems. I provide teacher workshops, observations, consultations and so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! I don’t mean that in a progressive, “Secretly trying to convert your husband to the opposite end of the spectrum” sort of way. I believe men provide invaluable gifts to their children through their own speech patterns, rhythms, and perspective. I find the role of Dad’s get undermined a bit by current practices. My goal is to elevate the intention and the approach while allowing fathers and mothers more clarity in day to day practices.

Absolutely, I was a classroom teacher for many years as well as Mentor Teacher with many years of teacher training experience. I have worked in LAUSD to Progressive settings. I am well versed in RIE, Reggio, Constructivism as well as Common Core. I can help you understand, implement or create strategies which enhance your child’s school experience.

I am fiercely passionate about my work with children and families. I haven’t met a kid who has shocked me or stumped me. However you describe your child at their worst, I will most likely use the term “Spicy” and leave you with a wealth of strategies to “out spicy” your jalapeño!

While I cannot provide a diagnosis I can help develop parenting techniques to alleviate particular behaviors. If necessary I will help you seek greater support and provide strategic planning with the whole family in mind should specific therapies, testing or accommodations be needed.

My work experience includes collaborations with family makeups which include biological children, families by adoption, same-sex parents and blended families. I am keenly aware of twin dynamics and the nuances at play. Quirky children, highly gifted, twice exceptional, ADD, ADHD, and Nemaline Myopathy are just a few challenges and adventures I have had the honor of coaching.

Please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a consult. I am here to guide families with challenges big or small.

Let’s collaborate!


We started working with Joshua to help us with our 8year old son. He was having meltdowns frequently and was in a really negative head space the longer we were in COVID quarantine. We didn't know how to help him since everything we did or said seemed to trigger a fight. Joshua was amazing from the start. She helped us tweak our parenting style to fit his personality and develop strategies that began working almost immediately. After a few sessions we felt as if we had our sweet kind boy back to the way he used to be. I will forever be thankful for Joshua's help. She is so practical, experienced and succinct that talking to her was easy and helped us feel confident that everything was going to be ok. Thank you Joshua, thank you so much!
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