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Hungry Muscles

Her foot in the 2000 pieces of puzzles was my puzzle-loving nightmare!⁠

But I stopped myself.⁠

She dripped pieces against her feet as if they were droplets of rain.⁠

Her eyes would open and close.⁠

Was I watching a meditation,⁠
A Zen ritual,⁠
The peaking of curiosity,⁠
Or was she feeding her senses?⁠ Hungry muscles?

We have to remember that most children learn not only through books or stories or academic pursuits.

Children learn through touch. Perhaps more than one hundred times a day, their skin takes in the world so their mind can make sense of it.⁠

Their skin is hungry; their muscles are ready to learn.⁠

There is a reason they have to touch the reversing glitter on a friend’s shirt.⁠

They need to trace the truck on the child’s baseball cap. ⁠

They zip and unzip someone else’s backpack.⁠

They climb and jump off of the giant red @Target balls. ⁠

They rub their hands on a particular part of your body when stressed or needing comfort.⁠

They try to carry heavy things around the house for no apparent reason.⁠

Sensory needs exist. They will play out in different ways.⁠

So pause before you interrupt an essential part of a child’s evolution.⁠ Are you witnessing hungry muscles?

If your puzzle is creating this soothing opportunity, trust me, it’s worth losing a couple of puzzle pieces over.⁠

When the sensory needs of the body are lacking misbehavior will crop up as the body searches for ways to feed this appetite. ⁠

Some aggressive behaviors may not be what they appear to.⁠

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