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Kids ARE an Acquired Taste

“Don’t let people fool you. Kids are an acquired taste. Come to think about it I don’t know if they are more like wine or cilantro 🤔.

Connection comes with time and experience, both of which light little embers of love inside you. Embers may on occasion be drowned out by horrid meltdowns, but somewhere in that moment you will find humor or comfort, and just like that, another spark is ignited.”⁠

So you see the trouble with parenting is that everyone convinces you it is love at first sight, not that bad, it will come naturally…⁠

I am here to say there is nothing natural about a diaper blow out that covers the back of their head and your t-shirt,⁠

There is nothing natural about the creature you love slowly sabotaging you by flushing money down the toilet (literally), shattering your phone, hiding your keys, or putting freshly chewed gum in your purse.⁠

There is nothing to love about the moment your find yourself late and your kids’ tantrum has only just begun.⁠

But like anything that isn’t too terribly palatable or familiar with time and patience each of you learns to adjust and course-correct.⁠

They learn that your routine is how you keep yourself together,⁠

That you will never agree to run around the back yard naked as they do,⁠

They forgive that we get too involved in their playground pursuits,⁠

They accommodate our need for “one more bite”,⁠

and most of all they learn that a big dose of “trying my best parenting” is goofy, messy, and demanding as it is really love.⁠

So give yourself a break and go out there and make the best of the dynamic little person who is currently plotting your demise 😂. ⁠

I’m kidding. In case you don’t find it funny then it’s probably time to call me for help!😉⁠
Those sometimes don’t make you a lesser parent.⁠
Those sometimes don’t make you less available.⁠
Those sometimes don’t mean you don’t care.⁠

Most importantly, those sometimes won’t harm or traumatize your child.😯⁠

What is damaging is believing the hype, that playing with your child, family dinners, evening baths, and books before bed are MUSTS.⁠

What ends up happening is many of these moments become forced, uncomfortable and exhausting. You show up as impatient, resentful, and exhausted.⁠

Someone somewhere made up this evening routine. ⁠

I want you, challenge you to make up your own. It shouldn’t feel forced. It should feel easy for the people under your roof.⁠

Sometimes, it’s better if you don’t follow the books, the friends or the advice.⁠

Sometimes, almost all the time😉, it’s better to follow your gut.⁠

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