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You are the Gardener

You are the Gardener. You may overwater,⁠
you may underwater,⁠
You may leave it to do its own thing or⁠
you may check on it every sec of the day.⁠

You may opt to add vitamins,⁠
You may opt to add more soil,⁠
You may routinely move it to find the perfect light or leave it to stretch to find it.⁠

No matter what your approach or approaches a new perspective should have grown.⁠

You are the gardener. Your child and each family member is a different plant. ⁠

In the past specialist, teachers, coaches, therapists, routinely curated some of the care of your garden, but now it is you who creates the rhythms and systems. The support systems try valiantly, passionately, and consistently to provide a course of action, but only you can touch the soil, monitor the need for water, or assess the proper placement.⁠

You are the gardener and your child is a plant. ⁠

Like a gardener, learn to observe before making a decision.⁠
Trust your plant will show you what it needs.⁠
You are not in charge of every bend and turn.⁠
You are in charge of overall well being.⁠

If you’re discovering your child morphing from a rose to a cactus these days, send me an email at and we can connect.