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Don’t hate the Player, Hate the Game!

This was most certainly written by a parent

When your child is hitting you and laughing,⁠
When your child is throwing food from their plate,⁠
When your child is screaming loudly on the car ride,⁠
When your kid eats like a table saw and scatters crumbs everywhere,⁠
When your breastfeeder has a terrible rubber neck habit,⁠
When your kid pulls hair,⁠
When your kid bites,⁠
When your kid grabs toys out of other peoples’ hands,⁠
When slamming the door becomes an Olympic sport.⁠

ALL of these things can be maddening!⁠

In those moments, DON’T HATE THE CHILD!⁠

Trust me when a child drops their lovey out of the crib and then cries hysterically when they no longer have it your soul may begin to rage or shrivel, but your frustration should NOT be directed toward your child.⁠

Instead, curse those friggin neuropathways!⁠

Curse the Laws of Gravity.⁠

Curse human curiosity.⁠

As repetitive, annoying, or hurtful as these behaviors may be, they are part of the process of growing up. The process of becoming a human. The process of attempting to control and understand their control or lack of control of particular moments in their lives.⁠

If and when you get to the point that you dread interacting with your child, don’t feel shame or guilt. This feeling is NORMAL. ⁠

It simply means you need help speaking their same language.⁠

You need help to break the cycle.⁠

You need help to create new strategies.⁠

You need help to create a NEW GAME.⁠

So call me in as your spiritual sub and let’s start playing chess.

Remember, Don’t Hate the PLAYER, Hate the Game

What phases have you survived, which phase are you currently hating on?⁠


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