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Is your smile a mask?

Motherhood is multilayered. The love for our children is just one layer of the cake.⁠

Motherhood is the loss of the old self, with the anticipation or dread of what is becoming.⁠

Motherhood is the act of being in a trance to keep a little person alive, safe, thriving, and happy.⁠

Motherhood is the pursuit of infinite flexibility while containing possibilities so as not to be consumed by ‘chaos.’⁠

Motherhood has many faces.⁠

The smiling mother is only one, yet we use it to soothe our anxiety, dread, overwhelm confusion, and exhaustion.⁠

The smile masks depression, body issues, medical challenges, shifting relationships, and loss of identity.⁠

Girls are taught to smile.⁠

The world expects girls to be fueled by other’s compliments and other people’s happiness.⁠

When a woman has a straight face, she is often told, “Hey, you should smile.” ⁠

So we, as women, have mistaken the mask for a real face.⁠

Women have been trained to smile from a young age. What hasn’t been socialized out of us is our exhale.⁠

When I work with clients, the duration, the sound, the eye closing with the breath becomes the woman’s subconscious cry for help.⁠

The exhale is the body’s way of expelling confusion, toxins, retired hopes, or expired dreams.⁠

Please, be mindful of the exhale.⁠

Please don’t rush to share your news, instead stay silent long enough for her smile to dissolve and her heart to open.⁠

Don’t believe the lie. A women’s body doesn’t return to its pre-baby form and function. ⁠

After giving birth, the woman’s body and mind filter old and new elements. Each element vying for a position. The forming of your new essence and capacities isn’t easy; no transformation is.⁠

Conflict and friction will exist. We are tasked to create space, calm, and a pause for those words to be spoken. ⁠

We, mothers, are each other’s Village.⁠

The smile is sometimes the tape keeping our soul from tearing.⁠

Too scared to take the smile off or need someone to talk to, give me a call.