Mastering Toilet Learning
baby toddler on the potty toilet


Toilet Learning woes:

“We are so worried he is going to get kicked out of school. He is the only person having accidents in his class, and it’s not just pee, it’s poop too!”⁠

“I am so overwhelmed. I have tried charts, rewards, and punishments. Nothing is working, and she is way too old for this to be an issue.”⁠

“Everybody tells me it’s time to start, but I don’t know if I should. I am terrified of potty training. Life is easy with him in diapers. Just thinking about potty training stresses me out.”⁠

I am hearing and reading emails like those above more and more.  What I am finding is a lack of awareness of the emotional and physical planning that precedes using the toilet.

This past year, I have received more and more calls from schools asking for help once the adults have reached the point of desperation.

But wait! I can help.

So what makes me an expert on Toilet Learning?

I think it’s because the couple hundred children I have transitioned as an infant/toddler/preschool teacher. Yes, you read that, right!

It is essential to teach children the nuances of their own body, the timing of the adult world, and the mysteries of the porcelain throne.

What I have come to hear and see in the parenting community is a consistent lack of detailed information and support when the traditional potty training doesn’t work.

Parents don’t need pressure, lectures, or shame.

Families need empathy and effective strategies.

Why so many problems?
Because most people think the process is only about using the bathroom. (Potty Training)⁠

I think it’s Toilet Learning:

1. Learning about the details, rhythms, and rituals surrounding caring for your body.⁠

2. Understanding adult expectations.

3. The level of self-regulation required. (Self Discipline)

4. The ability to delay self-gratification.

5. Managing your environment. (People and objects)

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The number of children having issues and increased parent stress has lit a fire under me.⁠

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