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3 Parenting Fails

Read this slowly and let it soak in.⁠

These are the core reasons you may be having a hard time.⁠

1: You see your child as an opponent rather than a teammate.

When they are losing it you see him as trying to take you down and taking you for granted or driving you insane. So, instead of thinking, ‘how can we get through this’ you think about how you can save yourself.⁠ Let that soak in.  


2: Correcting an infinite list of ‘bad’ behaviors.

This really happens, from how they sit to how they point at people. You don’t like how she sings all the time or talks too loudly. Rectifying all mispronunciations and bad grammar. You never stop.⁠ Parenting misstep 🤭

3: Caring more about the adults around you rather than focusing on your child’s evolution.

Yes, Aunt Cora can leave the room if the whining is too loud. It is better for you to take your time and figure out the source of your child’s discomfort and give them another way to express themselves.⁠

Which one is speaking to you?⁠

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