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What are your intentions?

Intent is important…⠀

Your intent is everything…⠀
Intent marks your relationship.⠀

If you are giving information I challenge you to see if it is necessary.⠀

If you want to share a laugh, will it be at your child’s expense?⠀

If you want to protect? Are you protecting your child from your demons?⠀

If you want to share love, do they need it at that moment or are you missing it from someone else?⠀

If you want to be right than you should find your voice with the person who has rendered you mute.⠀

If you want to be heard, then be brave enough to roar at your peers, your partner, your family, your coworkers.⠀

If you want to be in control…⠀
Start off with controlling yourself!!!⠀

I share this with love and optimism.⠀

Your evolution should not be a burden on your child.⠀

Your evolution should not be their cross to bear. ⠀

If any of this or all of this struck a chord. Contact me. I would love to navigate this with you.⠀