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Which method of listening is your go to?

No matter the age, your child deserves the chance to express herself.⁠⁠

Ask a question and don’t interrupt, don’t translate, don’t correct grammar, don’t cut her off.⁠

Listening by letting her pause without you jumping in.⁠

Take on her perspective no matter how ridiculous it may sound.⁠

What you hear as nonsense, impossible, funny, annoying is your child making sense of the world and how she fits into it. She doesn’t need a drill sergeant, a worry wart or a policewoman. She needs an open-minded, empathic guide who supports her in creating her game plan.⁠

If you feel the need to lecture or nag, don’t start with a question because you don’t care about their response. You are merely using it to start the conversation, a conversation which doesn’t exist. ⁠

Remember the communication style you use most is the one your child will always expect. Older children don’t suddenly stop listening. They were most likely toddlers who were nagged, spoken for, and not heard.⁠


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