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Point Out All My Flaws

Trust me… I know how easy it can be to respond to your child from a place of frustration and angst, especially when it is provoked. ⁠

The point of me sharing this blog and message is to really challenge us parents (myself included!). To really be more intentional and mindful about how we are communicating with our children.⁠

Are we speaking to them in a way that is building them up or tearing them down?⁠

If you feel like this hits home and you want support with working through how to effectively communicate with your child without yelling or without being unknowingly hurtful with your words, this is one of the main areas of support I provide my clients. ⁠

Get started by heading to my website and grabbing my FREE Video Series “5 Ways to Be an Effective Parent Without Yelling“, then schedule a time for a consultation with me!⁠