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The Power of the Pause

The pause comes in hand when you have that initial reaction to your child that isn’t always pleasant. ⁠

You know what I’m talking about… when you want to react instead of responding peacefully. When you want to yell instead of taking that deep breath to gather yourself and communicate with your child.⁠

The power of the pause also comes in handy when you start to troubleshoot! It allows for you to have time to see if your idea for your child is working or if they are picking up on it.⁠

When we slow down, it allows us to think and breathe. It allows us to have a moment where we can gain some perspective on a situation!⁠

Tune in to this week’s episode “How Fast Do You Respond?” on the Ask the Child Whisperer Podcast to learn more about The Power of the Pause!⁠