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My Kid Clients

95% of my kid clients, don’t know I exist. Yup, that is the amazing part of our collaboration.⁠

We meet on Zoom for one hour and I ask you questions about your child. We’ll discuss the challenging behavior, but first I need to get a well-rounded picture of your amazing kid.⁠

Your pauses, your smiles, and your chuckles impart the true essence of your child.⁠

That is the basis for the strategy I create. I don’t start with the problem. (I wouldn’t ask you about your worst habit the first time we met, would I?)⁠

I start with the magic.⁠

⁠Your magic and their magic.⁠

That is why I want you to speak as you normally do. Don’t make your frustrations “sound pretty”. Curse, moan and roll your eyes if you must. The more honestly you communicate the faster I can get to work in shifting dynamics that no longer serve your family.⁠

That is how I tailor the phrases and responses to challenging behavior. They will sound like something you would say.⁠

I give you a boatload of tailored responses that your child can easily hear and internalize.⁠

⁠No awkward generic phrases are offered.⁠

So if you are wondering whether or not to book a session, please do.⁠

Easier parenting is right around the corner.⁠