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Why Bossy Girls Are Essential

100 percent TRUTH! Bossy girls are essential to the development of their peers. ⁠

1) These girls are detailed oriented.

“Bossy girls” are able to direct various players throughout a game and keep the connection between storyline and action going. They make the connections visible and therefore the game more fun for children with more immature play skills.⁠⁠

2) Bossy girls are attuned to the culture of the class.

When surprises occur children often read her reaction to know whether or not panic is necessary.⁠

3) Bossy girls are expected to be brave and take on challenges head-on.

They know others are expecting them to trail blaze whether they want to or not.⁠

4) Some girls land in this position out of choice, some from necessity.

Regardless it is an unspoken expectation that they will and must “take on” the teacher/grown-ups if need be. This is an unspoken expectation from the other children.⁠

5) Bossy girls often get seen as a negative persona when in fact children rely on them in various ways.

One particular trait is bravery. Children assume she will be brave on all occasions.⁠

6) These girls often get trapped in this role.

If more immature/anxious/hesitant players need their constant narration and prompting they have no choice but to continue.⁠

7) When identified as a bossy girl instead of leader…

teachers and adults will not come to their aid or see that they are trapped and need help forming a new identity within the group.⁠⁠

8) Calling a girl bossy instead of a leader…

is very telling about the storyline you are hoisting upon her.⁠

Being a “bossy girl” isn’t what the television tells you it is. Oftentimes this girl is the mini teacher, mom, warrior that other children need. It is an exhausting role for a girl to take on. Negative behaviors often arise when the weight is simply too much or she has social challenges she is masking.⁠

So please honor, respect, and protect the Bossy Girl. She is a treasure!⁠

If you have any questions, please let me know.⁠