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A Parenting Coach and A Shattering Heart

NY Times Parenting article written by Norma Newton, I’m Darker than My Daughter. Here Is Why It Matters, references my work.

This opinion piece is raw and brutally honest. Norma’s transparency shares a glimpse into the depth and range of my support as a Parenting Coach.

In this case, the words spoken by her child set in motion a collision course with Norma’s past, present, and future. My role as Norma’s parenting coach was to listen objectively and intuitively as she retold this life-altering bedtime experience. I had to breathe while I heard the ear-splitting sound of my client’s heart-shattering. Inhaling so I could listen to both her pain and dissect the strategy employed at the moment. I exhaled as I mined for nuanced clues her daughter left unexplored when this conversation took place.

Child development is complicated to add parenting; the complexity increases exponentially. In this scenario, I was tasked to extract her daughter’s true message. Every movement revealed meaning.

Where did Katalina rest her hands? For how long? Did mom gasp out loud? Did Norma get angry? Was Norma more sad or shocked?

Each detail illuminated a way to help both Norma and her child. Every detail imparted a peek into their inner workings. These nuanced details allowed me to create a unique strategic plan for Norma and Katalina. My advice for one client will not work for another, as I am tasked to take in the totality the person before me. I do not clump people into types as that lack of tailored approach leaves gaping holes. Gaping holes which lead to rash judgments and parental guidance which does not match the family’s immediate needs.

I am a parenting coach and I will:



Loose sleep.






My best work allows people to hear their own voices and silence the chatter.

The goal is to fade away, knowing that all parties have found their authentic selves.

My calling allows me to walk clients through pain, despair, fear or stalemate toward more enjoyable experiences.

How is this possible?

I hold your child’s and your worries, anxieties, frustration and furies without judgment.

I show up for your worst self, your saddest self, your weakest self, and your most defiant self.

The most complicated case is my most treasured puzzle.

I am passionate about my work and I believe in you!

My style is as different as my name.

There is no challenge too big or small.

Let me help you. Schedule an Exploratory Call.

Joshua – Ask the Child Whisperer

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