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Introducing Sleepy Cues

Need sleep? I found the perfect solution for you.

Introducing Sleepy Cues, Robin and Jenn!!!!

Together, we have 12 years of experience and have worked with hundreds of clients as we teach and help families have a healthy sleep routine for their children.

Why focus your skillset on sleep?

We recognized early on in both of our parenting journeys that sleep was so vital to our health and also the health and well being of our kiddos. We love to see what a difference sleep has made in the lives of our own families and the lives of our clients!

What is the age range of children Sleepy Cues supports?

We support families before the arrival of their baby all the way through age 8!

Do sleep issues for children vary depending on if there is a stay at home parent vs. two working parents?

We don’t find many similarities between children with 2 working parents vs. having a stay at home parent. We do have more to consider as far as daily routine if both parents have their own schedules outside of the home, but we love working with nannies or daycare to come up with a plan that will be sustainable for any lifestyle.

Do you have experience with adoptive parents and parents via surrogacy?

We do have experience with adoptive parents. Jenn is a foster parent herself and so has been involved with that community for years. We know there can be extra challenges with children coming from different biological parents, but we are familiar with how to navigate those differences and still see fantastic results! Unfortunately, we have not yet worked with any families who have had children via surrogacy.

Do sleep issues reoccur during particular developmental milestones?

Yes, we do see a typical need for babies around 4 months as they are gaining more adult-like sleep patterns as well as dropping a nap. We also see many clients around the 8/9m and 14-16m mark due to developmental changes as well as dropping a nap. During the preschool years, we typically see clients come to us around 2 years or 3 years when more social/emotional challenges are interfering with sleep.

Do some clients come back to Sleepy Cues at a particular age?

Some clients will come back for support around the ages listed above if they have previously booked because they know how much easier it is to navigate the change with emotional support through using our real-time text messaging services.

What role does each of you play in the business?

We both love interacting with clients and writing proposals equally So we share and collaborate on those aspects. Other daily tasks we divide up to do on our own (posting on Instagram, reminding clients of how much time they have left on their contract, handling financial needs).

I love Sleepy Cues because of their simple and effective solutions.
 Look them up. You won’t regret it.

Sweet Dreams!


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