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Stop looking for the WHY

“He is 3.5 years old. Everything starts out fine and suddenly everything goes south. He either starts dumping everything everywhere or he starts getting hyper. I ask him why or what happened but that doesn’t help. I am trying so hard to figure out why so I can help.”⁠

What I have learned is we, especially moms, are built to search for the WHY. We think the WHY will give us the information we need to stop the mistaken behavior.⁠

We need the WHY to begin to formulate a game plan.⁠

What I have found is the WHY can be extremely elusive. Most times children themselves don’t know what the WHY is or they simply have no words to describe it.⁠

The most powerful and easier search begins with WHEN.⁠

When is this happening? ⁠
Is it daily?⁠
Is it in the morning?⁠
Is it when he is with another child?⁠

When does it start?⁠
When does it get more intense?⁠
When do I start expecting it to begin?⁠

When helps you identify the pattern with far more details.⁠

The details are what you need to start creating a game plan.⁠

Trust me, the WHY will eventually reveal itself.⁠

So if you have a kid who is tricky beyond words and you are feeling stumped. Start tracking the WHEN. ⁠

If you need help, join the Village. we talk about this and soooo much more!⁠