Remember to Laugh

Remember to Laugh

When your child mispronounces a word, don’t rush to correct, laugh to yourself about how cute it sounds.⁠

When your child gets themselves dressed and layers on three shirts and two skirts, laugh to yourself and enjoy their style.⁠

When your child sings a song for the millionth time with all their heart in the middle of the supermarket aisle, celebrate their confidence.⁠

When your child sasses you for not doing some errand as they see fit, don’t give them a talking to instead marvel at their attention to detail.⁠

When your child eats like a squirrel and manages to cover the entire floor with crumbs, take a moment to relish their love of food.⁠

What I want all of you to do today is to surrender your agendas, your worries, your endless coaching, and remember to marvel at this little human being who is making their way in the world. Enjoy their nonsense words, enjoy their sass, enjoy their naivete, enjoy their unconditional love, and enjoy their shortcomings because this is the magic that makes it all worth it.⁠

What magic?⁠

I’m referring to the magic of this day and this particular moment in time. ⁠

Notice how your child places their hand on you back. Notice how your child dances without rhyme or reason. Notice how your child loves to read books upside down. ⁠

Remember to laugh at the fact that your child sees your intelligence as foolishness and your silliness as brilliance.⁠

If you do nothing else today, remember to laugh and enjoy your child.⁠